Floor and General Cleaners

“OKAY” Drain Unblocker

Clears blocked drains caused by organic substances such as disposed food, hair, soap, tissue paper, fat, dirt, etc. but cannot clear blocked drains caused by non-organic substances, such as brick, cement, metal, plastic, etc.

– Net Content 100 g

“White House” Liquid Floor Wax

For all floor surfaces. Specially formulated concentrate ensures all floors retain a longer lasting, bright, clean and new look, without harming their surface.

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“White House” Spray Buff

Ideal for polishing lacquer-coated floors for brilliant shine. Suitable for all floor surfaces, including rubber, stone, mosaic and parquet. it helps maintain bright. shiny floors, looking like new.

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“White House” Cleaner

Effectively cleans and removes stains on domestic floors, kitchen and equipment.

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“White House” Liquid Deodorant

Eliminates bad odors, or foul smells in all areas. Usable on all surface types with no danger to nature, or the environment.

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“Gloss” Dust Collector Liquid

Absorbs dust on the floor, preventing dust particles becoming airborne, without leaving any stains on the floor. Suitable for parquet, marble, tile and granite flooring.

– Net Content 500 ml

“POPO” Liquid Hand Soap

99% made of nature material. Give fresh fragrance healthy and cleanliness feeling to your hands.

– Net Content 300 ml

– 3 types available in gummy, aqua blue and apple.

“Gloss” Glossy Coated and Cleaning Product

For cleaning surface of furniture, table, chair or office equipment. Made it look always new.

– Net Content 500 ml

“POP” Liquid Dish Washer

Effectively cleans household utensils, chinaware, cutlery and other household equipment

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“White House” Floor Dust Remover Liquid

absorbs dust on the floor, preventing dust particles becoming airborne, without leaving any stains on the floor. Importantly, it doesn’t harm the environment.

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“Window X” Glass & Surface Cleaner 

Clean and removes stains on glass, chromium, stainless steel, or ceramic surfaces, rendering them bright and clean

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“White House” Floor Cleaner

Cleans glass, mosaic, rubber, marble, stone, ceramic, parquet and cement floor surfaces. Can also clean bath room accessories and kitchens.

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“White House” Daily Wet Mopping

Cleans floors without harming their surface. For all surface types, achieving an “always new” look.

– Net Content 3,800 ml