“White House” Fabric Deodorizer

Provides a more permanent fragrance, prevents damp odor and kills germs that stain fabrics

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“White House” Detergent

Can use by hand-wash or by washing machine. Effectively removes stubborn stains with less effort. Taking care of fabric while prevent damp odor. Providing ultra-clean, fragrant fresh. Suitable for both white and colored clothes.

– 2 Size available 1 kg and 4 kg

“REMIND” Speed Starch

Ensures quicker, easier ironing, while prolonging pleat life.

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“White House” Active Oxygen Stain Remover Powder

Removes stubborn stains by reaction with oxygen and protease’s enzyme. Suitable for both white and colored clothes.

– Net Content 450 g

“REMIND” Liquid Detergent

Cleans clothes effectively, taking good care of their fabric

– Net Content 3,800 ml

“REMIND” Perfumed Softener Liquid

Provides a soft and fragrant finish to all clothes, ensuring easy-to-iron, without adhesion. Suitable for the entire range of adult and children’s clothes

– Net Content 3,800 ml